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Sickie Food and Gratitude

Well, just as I thought I was coming out of the hole, as things would happen …. I got sick.  I wrote a post on the morning of the 15th and by 5pm I was rotten as a chop!

Metaphysically Speaking ….

I already knew that my liver and kidneys were under load and struggling a bit …. metaphysically the liver is about anger (that’s where expressions like ‘being livered’ come from) and the kidneys are where we hold our fear.  That fits with the last couple of posts!  So where does the flu fit in (sore throat, body aches, hot and cold, cough etc).

Well, according to Annette Noontil in “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul”, the flu is about not wanting to do what someone else has told you to do and feeling guilty about it.  While Louise Hay says that it’s a response to mass negativity and beliefs.  Well funnily enough they both fit.  I have a few significant tasks that I have to do and just don’t want to get to them.  Because of my stalling they now have taken on huge proportions and Monday was to be my start date – getting sick put an end to that and was probably the only way I could avoid it without feeling overly guilty!  As for Louise Hay’s version, I am so over the lies and spin from both sides of politics in the upcoming Australian election, and all the negativity that raises.  I definitely just wanted to hibernate from it all!

Anyway, after 3.5 days of withdrawing from the world and craving the comfort food of my youth (homemade creamed rice – Mum, come back from Monkey Mia)  I have surfaced, feeling more positive than I’ve felt in a while.

So, I thought this post would focus on 2 things – sorry if it’s a bit confusing, but hey, my brain’s a bit addled:

  1. What are your memories of comfort food while you were sick as a child?
  2. What are some of the things that you feel grateful for today?

Today, I feel grateful for…..

  • A body that is getting healthier each day … yeh team!

  • The wonderful support of my special friends and family.  For example, my buddy L. came over with a big pot of her delicious homemade hearty soup and that has been all I’ve wanted to eat.  I’ve had homemade sausage rolls and carrot cake roll up too!  Kids think it’s Christmas!

  • Today is such a beautiful sunny day – I’m grateful that I could lay on the trampoline with my 10yr old girl, Snugglebunny, who is home for some tlc too!  We were working on getting our Vitamin D intake to increase our immune systems!

    Broccoli from our garden

  • A husband who says not to worry about cooking, we can get take out!

  • A husband who closes the bedroom door so I might get a little bit more sleep before the demands of motherhood press that bit harder.  Heck, I’m just grateful all over for my hubby!

  • My beautiful friend Sally Moore, who also happens to be my Homoeopath – she called up when I was  wallowing, talked to me about my symptoms and emotions and then put me straight on some remedies, even sending extra remedies down to me (she lives about a 50 minute drive away).

  • A vegie garden that is just brimming with healthy broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, peas and spinach – it’s joy to be able to pick from the garden fresh produce.

    The garden bed with the spinach etc ... and a dog!

Enough for now …. my brain hurts and I need a sleep!  Oh poop – forgot to put sheets on the bed …… I am grateful that my sheets dried quickly in this beautiful sunshine!  That’s better! Registered & Protected


Reading the messages of my body

Thursday, 25/03/10

2 lots of meditation before 10am – got to be a record for me.  The key was to only do it for 5 – 10 minutes at a time – it wasn’t so daunting to fit into my day that way.  Thanks Kitty for the suggestion.

Meditation – out of practice!  Kept letting stray thoughts come in and plonk themselves on the couch in my head, chatting away, rather than letting them pass on through.  Got a bit crowded in there!  Once I get back into it it will flow with ease more.

I did the skin brush and showered, doing the hot / cold water bit.  You don’t realise how smooth your skin is supposed to feel!

Tinea surfaces …. why? – a metaphysical look at it.

When I dried myself I found the first physical part of my journey kick in – the start of Athlete’s Foot / Tinea on my left foot (between the last 2 toes).  So, I had a look at Louise Hay’s book called “You Can Heal Your Body” and Annette Noontil’s book “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul”.  This is what resonated:

Probable Cause of Tinea manifesting:  Inability to move forward with ease.

Affirmation to use:  I give myself permission to go ahead.  It’s safe to move.

This did feel like it was on the right track.  If I’m honest, part of me feels like this journey that I’ve set myself is going to be quite challenging and confronting.  A large part of me wishes it would all just go away.  I’m also a bit fearful of the issues it will raise.

Another Probable Cause:  “Frustration” at not being accepted.

Affirmation to use:  I love and approve of myself.

Initially this cause didn’t really feel like it applied until I changed the word “frustration” to “fear”.  Once I did that, it fitted.  Being a blog virgin, I’ve heard that they can attract people who can be quite negative in the comments they leave.  I was fearful of having that response and the effect that might have on me in this very naked journey.

So the lessons for me in this tinea experience:

  1. It’s ok to use Louise Hay and Annette Noontil’s books as a tool to help uncover issues underlying a condition.  If it doesn’t quite feel right, adjust it until it does (realise though that discomfort usually indicates that there’s something deeper there to look at).
  2. Sometimes its enough simply to acknowledge an issue – shining a bit of light on it may be all that it needs.  Seems that way with my issue of moving forward.

I used my Homoeopathic Remedies book and my pendulum and found that I needed Silica for the Tinea.  I also did some Tapping on the issues raised [Tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a way of clearing energetic blocks to an issue and involves a combination of tapping on meridian points and saying certain phrases related to the issue.  For more information, download the free “How to” manual at

In the afternoon I developed a pain (more discomfort, not sharp pain) in the right side of my back at the base of the scapula, but towards the spine.  Annette Noontils “The Body is the Barometer of the Soul” said:

“Take responsibility for your time, seeing it is directed for your benefit”.


“To succeed, always make sure you love yourself”.

Seems to be a similar theme to the Tinea!

So the lesson I need to heed from the messages my body is giving me today is that in order to move forward with ease, I must take responsibility for what I do and when I do it and only then will I reap the benefits in terms of a healthier body.

Another big ticket item:  To love and approve of myself (man I need to pound that affirmation!).

Thanks for listening (or reading)…… Registered & Protected



“The first great gift we can bestow on others is a good example”

Thomas Morell

1703 – 1784, Classical Scholar






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